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No Defeat No Surrender

Under The Rasta Influence:

Under the Rasta Influence

This band is one that is very close to my heart.  All the members met at SUNY Purchase College Conservatory of Music where I also went.  They have an authentic reggae lineage, with a modern hip hop generation feel.  Front man Donovan Ernest just has a presence that must be respected.  I am roomates with two of the members; Sean Lewis the bass player and Tim Shipman who plays guitar.  This band is magical on stage.  If you haven’t seen them around the city…keep your eyes open.



His freestyle game is stonger than your writtens.  At only 21 years old NIRO is a problem for anyone who wants one.  I believe he will be deep in the game very soon.  I’ve known him for years and have had the pleasure of working with him in the studio.  NIRO is one of those dudes you just got to believe in.  My man was born to shine.  Stay tuned…!/niro

Sean Lewis:

Sean Lewis on the Bass

Sean Lewis is that new New York.  Heavyweight on both electric and upright bass. Sean is also a seriously talented producer.  When asked what kind of music Sean plays he can be heard responding “Anything that grooves..”  He plays blues music (The Anna Troy Band), soul music (The Hitters), reggae music (U.R.I.), hip hop music (with myself and many others), pop fusion (Mizz Metro).  He is traditionally trained in jazz music as well.  Sean is there to make sure that the music has an anchor.  Sean s also developing a unique style of playing samples via MIDI signal on his bass…so he can play the drums on his bass.   He has appeared on countless Vision recordings, we also perform live in a band together.  Check him out.

Spanish Jose:


Spanish Jose a.k.a. Ze is the last of old New York.  Ze is a true disciple of Hip Hop.  He has that classic 90’s rawness to his production yet it still feels updated to the times.  I met Ze in college at SUNY Purchase Conservatory of Music.  He invited me to the studio as he was picking up a female singer who I was seeing at the time.  Ze’s production will appear on several tracks off the Dream Differed project.  He has worked with countless artists in the NYC underground including 9th Prince, AKIR, Shabam Sadeeq, SOLO, myself and many others.  Ze is a true warrior, I’ve learned a lot through our friendship.

Eric E Money:

Son of Poppa Wu, Eric E Money is an incredibly  powerful and vibrant mind, truly a creative dude.  He is somebody who makes links and connects minds.  I met him through 9th Prince who I met through my friend Jawad.  E introduced me to Breeze Drilest, the best female rapper on the come up in NY.  Both E and Breeze have become great friends and affiliates.  E makes music himself as well.  Some say he is the creator of some of the language used by our generation such as “Blaow!”  Truly a networking genius, you might see E Money anywhere in NY…keep your eyes open.



Solo is straight talent.  Raised in both Puerto Rico and the Bronx, NY.  Solo is just raw with it on the mic.  When it comes to Spanish Hip Hop it gets no better.  He has been working with my good friend Ze for years.  Solo has that charisma that captivates people wether he is on stage or just chillen in somebody’s living room.  Check him out at:

Deborah’s Son a.k.a. Monyette of A Braver Sound (A.B.S.) Productions:

I met Monyette back in high school.  I really started making beats in his dorm room.  He would just let me work in there for hours at a time.  He was to me the most talented kid I knew that was making hip hop.  Monyette is an incredibly gifted MC and an unbelievable producer.  He is one half of the production collective A Braver Sound Productions.  Shameen Rucker and Monyette come together to create such a soulful, exciting, dynamic sound, it makes me upset they don’t yet have worldwide recognition.’s Son

Keesha Mishawn:

Keesha Mishawn

Ms. Keesha White, the beautiful and talented vocalist from Springfield, Mass now residing in Harlem, NY is something like a diamond walking around as a human being.  Her voice is ridiculous, she just brings it. Keesha let’s it all hang out when performing live and she is great to work with in the studio.  We met through a mutual friend named AKIR.  Keesha is currently working on her solo project which will feature production from myself, AKIR and a handful of other producers.  Keesha White is fun to be around and I feel blessed to know her.

Breeze Drilest:

Breeze is excactly what the name implies.  The Realest female MC out presently.  And she’s really not even out yet.  When she drops the game will respect her.  She is a great artist, a great person and a great friend.  She is currently working on her first release “Slippery When Wet”.  Stay in tune with this young brilliant mind.

Tim Shipman:

Tim is one of those musicians that can play almost anything.  One of the great benefits of living in the world today as opposed to other times is the fact we are exposed to such a variety of culture.  Tim Shipman is a great example of what this experience produces.  He plays with many different bands including U.R.I., The Love Supremes, The Anna Troy Band and others. He also plays in the band that I am in.  Tim is a really talented songwriter and arranger as well.  He just started working on his solo project.  He even plays the sitar.  Tim is just completely absorbed in music…he also happens to be one of the most sincere people I know.  Definitely a good dude and a strong presence on the scene.

P.A.P.E.R. Enterprise:

Anti and Prodigy of Mobb Deep

This is a company spearheaded by Mr. Jawad Chourdry other wise known in the hip hop community as ANTI.  Anti is a networking genius.  He has introduced me to many heavy artists in and around the city. I met this brother through our mutual friend Spanish Jose. He has become an important part of the NDNS movement.  Anti knows how to spark relationships, how to put people int the same room at the right time.  He is a business savvy entrepreneur with an ear to the street.  Sincere, hardworking and determined, Anti is the anti-bullshit businessman.




MC/Producer/Organizer, AKIR is one of the more talented people I know.  I met him through our mutual friend Jawad a.k.a. Anti.  After touring the world with his music this man comes home to work with kids in the city to try and help get their music/life together.  His production game is raw yet accessible, catchy yet soulful.  AKIR’s next project called The Plan is coming soon.  I’ve had the privilege of listening to a lot of the material during the mixing process…all I can say is this man is breaking ground.  AKIR is about to take hip hop a little further than dudes have tried before.  Really a cutting edge artist, and a man who strives sincerely to stick to his guns ethically.  AKIR is an active member in his community on many levels. Passionate about bringing both music and people forward, I am grateful for this AKIR’s friendship.  Look out for The Plan as well as his instrumental album…

Freed 1:

Freed 1


Freed 1 is the brother who introduced me to NIRO.  I’ve been rockin with him forever.  I met him in the parking lot of his high school where I worked.  He just caught my eye…I walked over to him with a big smile…I was like “Yo you rap?” he was like “Why you rap?”…I said ” Leme hear somethin…!!”  He smiled and said “Let ME hear somethin!!”…anyway it was cool…the rest is history. We are presently working on his first release: “Freedom is Free”.  He is one of the most purely talented MC’s I’ve ever met.  Monyette said it best…”Freed 1 has that kind of voice that is just one in a million…”

Jim Russo:

Jim in China.

Mr. Russo has been playing the guitar for over 25 years.  He is a product of one of the most incredible cultural revolutions of modern history, the 1960’s/70’s.  But what I really want to make clear about Mr. Russo, is his abilities in the field of Martial Arts.  Jim teaches Tai Chi Chuan/Chi Kung (among MANY other arts) in and around Westchester County, NY.  He is just a warrior for humanity.  His teachers include B.P. Chan, William Chen and Dr. Tao among others.  He has helped dozens of people over come chronic ailments, disease, cancer, anxiety and countless other conditions while at the same time awakening their ability of self defense and enhancing their overall life experiece by helping student increase their sense of awareness.  Mr. Russo has been a CRITICAL element of the NDNS movement and without him some of us would not be around here talking about making music.

For inquiries about marital arts training contact him at:














BronxChild is an extremely talented MC/Singer and Songwriter.  He and NIRO are Brothers.  He also lived for a while at the house we had put together a couple years ago.  He is currently working on his first solo project which is due out soon called “Paitence is a Virtue”.   The son of an incredibly talented vocalist, BXC blends that raw talent with relevent lyrical content that comes across passionate and smooth.  My bro goes in…Check him at:

Lion I:


Lion I coming from Mahopac, NY moved to Florida and had a musical awakening.  Trini rapper/singer, Lion I brings a new genre and style that blends hip hop/reggae/r and b and pop.  I’ve known him most of my life, Lion I is a sincere artist who spits from the heart.


One of Uptown Manhattan’s finest young  entrepreneurs, I met Legend back in high school.  He is one of the founders of the F.A.T. Music movement in Harlem.  They have a whole camp organized up there and there’s a lot of talent in that circle.  Legend along with Monyette a.k.a Deborah’s Son and myself all used to make music back in the same high school and all three of us are still rockin.

Ox Stone:

I met Ox at the Pyramid Club through Legend.  I knew as soon as I met him that we would work together.  Ox is a soulful lyricist, a vivid storyteller and he has a voice that some say is reminiscent of the late great B.I.G.  He has a raw energy with that smooth charisma.  A good hearted dude and a great friend.


D-Nuggz is a raw Columbian MC who spits both english and spanish.  D-Nuggz is from both Mahopac and Bedford Hills, NY.  He is currently working on his first solo project.  I met Nuggz through our mutual friend and fellow Mahopac native Dizpikabull.

Matt Milla Productions:

I met Milla through our mutual friend NIRO.  He comes from Mount Kisco and was raised around such talents as NIRO and Freed 1.  Milla has a great ear for music.  He makes beats that bring the world of soul to the world of popular modern hip hop.  He has material that can easily translate from the streets to the radio waves.  Vision/Milla collabs are already in the works.

Nigel Prime:

DJ/MC/Radio Personality, Nigel Prime is a multi talented artist who is really playin his part to bring forth the talent in this community.  Reppin’ Brooklyn by way of Long Island, Prime just landed a great oppurtunity hosting an Internet Radio show on Tuesdays and Wednesday’s of every week.  I was honored to be the first guest on his show.  Look out for his solo project coming soon.

Dan Charles:

I first heard Dan Charles back in College at SUNY Purchase.  He sat down and played the piano as he sang one of his songs in class, I almost fell out of my  chair.  I yelled out: “That’s the young white Donny Hathaway!”.  Dan Charles is a fusion of R and B, Gospel, Soul and Pop.  He has appeared on tracks with myself, Freed 1 and A.B.S. over the years.


Ar.Change.L Logo

Ar.Change.L is one of my favorite MC’s in the community.  He is super lyrical with a flow that cuts through the music passionately.  His song “Visualizations” was one of my favorite songs of 2009.  Arch paints pictures so vividly with his lyrics.  He is another MC I met through Jawad who is P.A.P.E.R. affiliated.  I recently made a track with him called “Dark Days” for his upcoming project.  That marks our first collaboration, hopefully it’s the first of many.  Look for Ar.Change.L on the new Vision Project.

Anthony Bopp:

Bopp doing what Bopp does.

Anthony Bopp is an artist that wears many hats.  He paints, draws, prints, makes sculpture etc.  He is the type of person that will use anything that is part of his natural environment as material for making art with.  I am lucky enough to have some of his work hanging in my apartment.  I’ve know Anthony since we were young kids, he was always a gifted artist. Being that we are both from Mahopac, NY…Anthony has inspired me significantly throughout the years.  Anthony also makes music as a singer/songwriter.  His music reminds me of Johnny Cash.  Like 2011 folk music.  He is a talented poet as well.  Anthony Bopp has art running through his veins.  Check his stuff out, it’s definitely worth the time.

Blog Page:

Online Portfolio:


I know everyone is unique in their own way.  But Andrew Koffer, a.k.a. Dizpikabull is reallllllly unique in his own way.  First of all, there are only a couple people I’ve ever heard freestyle even close to his level in skill.  We used to live in a house together with NIRO and Freed 1 just outside Mahopac where we are both originally from.  “Dizpikabull” is an appropriate name for his style…raw…rude…honest .  He is a very skilled MC/Poet/Songwriter.  He is also a RIDICULOUS visual artist.  He makes great comic book style stuff.  Part of the the beauty of his craft is that he capitalizes on making his audience uncomfortable.  That’s just part of what he does, he wants to stretch you to your limits…until you MUST react for better or worse.  And that’s what art is about I suppose.

Charlie Costa:

Charlie Costa is the guitarists that appeared ll over my first album “LoveChild”.  He is a great player whether on stage or in the studio.  Another Mahopac native, Charlie has played in bands like Dr. Hourai who have generated significant followings around the region.  Charlie is really easy going and not difficult to get along with…and being that he is able to play many styles of music he is a great guy to work with.  I hope to continue working with him in the future.  Charlie is currently working on his first solo project.

Donovan Ernest:

Donovan is blessed with a presence that really can’t be denied by anyone.  His style  blends the elegance of Bob Marley with the ruggedness of Buju Banton.  I met Donovan in class at SUNY Purchase.  I’ve had the pleasure of working with Don both on stage and in the studio over the years.  He is a great friend, and I honestly have learned a lot from him over the years witnessing his growth and observing his stage presence.  Donovan is the lead singer of Under the Rasta Influence, he is also working on a solo project.

Naima Yetunde Ince:

One of the shining stars that came out of SUNY Purchase, Naima Ince is one of the most talented spoken word artists I’ve ever heard.  Her presence on stage is a beautiful sight to see.  This beautiful and talented Brooklyn/Peekskill, NY native is talented not only a poet…she is a playwright and actress.  She has organized many events and talent showcases as well.  Naima appeared on my first album LoveChild (“New Moon Rising” and “Home of the Brave”).  She is a motivator and has been a source of inspiration to me over the years.

Facebook of her play: “Men Always Leave”

Raw Cut Media:

Raw Cut Media Logo

Poor Rich Kids:

Poor Rich Kids Logo

These brothers right here are from Bronx/Mahopac, NY.  I met Skells through a mutual friend way back when I was like 17 at his lab in Mahopac.  I have kept in tune with JAYLES and Skells a.k.a The Poor Rich Kids for a minute now.  I always respect true artists on their grind.  They have an incredible amount of music out in the streets.  All their music is available  for download (just follow the links below).

I have serious respect for those that promote and cultivate the talent within their community.  The Poor Rich Kids host an event every Summer called 845 Live.  The best of the 845 region come together and rock for the people.

JAYLES also runs a music blog called where he focuses on hip hop artists from the 845 area of NY where I am also from.  I really appreciate the work he puts into this blog…nobody has done anything like it and it’s a genius concept.   Check them out.

Judd Nielsen:

Judd Nielsen is the illest keyboard player that I know.  I first met him on a summer afternoon when I saw him, Malik and my buddy Sean play as a trio at a street fair in Brooklyn.  I was completely taken aback by the explosiveness of the music I heard that day.  I thought to myself…damn….it would be great to make some music with these guys.  And believe it or not, a few years later I am in fact doing just that.  I am fortunate enough to have both Malik and Judd as band members.  Judd is a great friend and a stand up guy.  Find out more about Judd Nielesen at:

Malik Washington:

Malik is one of the best young drummers in NY.  With very sharp Jazz skills and very authentic hip hop feel, Malik is really a versatile drummer. I met him the same day I met Judd Nielsen (See Story above).  I feel very fortunate to have Malik as a band member.  Malik is originally from Boston, he said when he came down to NY his first friend at Laguardia High School was Judd.  Every I meet through Sean Lewis ends up being a great friend, Malik is no exception.

For Booking Inquiries Contact:

Rusty Mack:

Rusty Mack, Brooklyn native and fellow Crown Heights resident is drummer for the band U.R.I.  He is also owner and chief engineer at EchoBoom studios on Atlantic Ave.  Russ also is a seriously ill producer of many styles of music…his hop beats are something serious.  Look for Russ’ production on “A Dream Differed”.  Check out his page..


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