“ALL IN THE FAMILY” Part 2 was a beautiful night…

21 Apr

We headed back uptown to Bar East and put together part 2 of the “All in the Family” event series.  The place was packed, the vibes were great and the music of course was incredible.  Under the Rasta Influence, arguably the strongest reggae band in New York right now came through and crushed it.  Lead singer Donovan Ernest is a King on the mic.  And it was only suitable to have them close the show with a bang.

Sean Lewis and his band 86 Supreme debuted for the first time.  They opened the show beautifully with their exciting sound set which fuses Hip Hop, Soul, Jazz and Funk elements.  St. Lucia’s Best New Artist of 2009, Cherry L followed up strong getting the crowd’s blood flowing with his unique, catchy, upbeat pop/dancehall style.   Ibrahim Saddiq blessed the crowd with a moving spoken word piece.  Then came my turn to rock with the band and The Lovely Miss Keesha Mishawn.  Keesha showed up on top of her game as always.  N.I.R.O. got on with the band and rocked as well.

…Painter Hypno displayed some work around the venue while painting live on set.  Artist/Jewler Querica Lasan showcased some of her incredible work.  She was selling some of her jewelry.  DJ K.O. rocked the 1’s and 2’s keeping things feelin good at all times.  DJ K.O. has that real presence that effects the energy of the party.  Whitney Brown held it down as host for the evening.

All in all it was a beautiful night.

Here are some photos of the event:

Hypno Painting

Judd Nielsen Rocking With 86 Supreme (2)

Judd Nielsen rocking with 86 Supreme

Alex Violette (86 Supreme)

Cherry L

Ibrahim Saddiq a.k.a. P.O.E.T.



Keesha Mishawn

Tim Shipman

Hypno (4)

N.I.R.O. Vision and Keesha Mishawn

Donovan Ernest


Tim Shipman (2)

Vision (2)

Vision (3)

Cherry L and Eddie B

Tay Love

Sean Lewis (5)

Tay Love and Cherry L

Tay Love and Tim Shipman


Donovan Ernest of U.R.I.

Mike of U.R.I.

Whitney Brown

Donovan Ernest of U.R.I.

Sean Lewis


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