2010 and the Future.

15 Dec

2010 was definitely a monumental year in the life and times of me, Vision.

We left the country with our music and brought N.D.N.S. to the people in Canada/We got an all star band together/We established a Base of Operations in Crown Heights, Brooklyn/We built a fully operating Music Studio/We continued our work in bringing together some of the best artists in the New York City Metropolitan Area in establishing “The Uprising Movement”/We worked with world renowned artists like Syles P, Killah Priest, 9th Prince and AKIR/We crushed NYC with our first N.D.N.S. Event: “All In The Family” Part 1/We united the future King and Queen of the Hip Hop Industry: NIRO and Breeze Drilest/We united with E Money Tags to help establish a strong connection between 914 and 718/We shot 4 music videos (not released yet)/We established a potent production team in The Sound (More info on that later on)/We co-produced an event with the World’s second largest Talent Booking Agency (ICM)/We released the “Sketches of a Dream” Mixtape showcasing some of the best MC’s in

NYC…I can go on and on and on.

…We Did ALOT.

…we continued in the pursuit of our DREAMS.


We have SO MUCH TO DO.

There is a saying I heard in a song by Common, D’angelo and J-Dilla that stated:

“You have come so Far…You’ve got so far to Go.”

This is just the beginning of the N.D.N.S. Story.

2011 will be a great year.  We are working on A LOT for you guys…

We are thankful to God for the opportunity to pursue our dreams in this life.

And we will continue to learn to improve in all aspects of this life.





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