Vision at Don Hills (Presented by the I.C.E. Experience)

28 Aug

Live at Don Hills (2)

Live at Don Hills

Live at Don Hills (3)

aaaaaaaaaaaaI want to thank Malik Washington for linking me with this monthly artist showcase…There are a few nights starting to spring up around the City hosted by people in our extended family.  My man Donovan Ernest and his girl Whitney Brown Host one at the Amarachi Lounge in Brooklyn the last Sunday of every month…Let me tell you somethin…It get’s poppin in there…the vibe and the talent is unreal…

So the I.C.E. Experience is a hip hop band that I met through Malik Washington.  Every month they also host a showcase at Don Hills.  I rocked last month with Keesha Mishawn, Donovan Ernest and Dan Charles.  This month I rocked alone.  It always fun rocking in the city..Always meeting new people and further the cause…

This Summer has been one of the best of my life…I’ll make sure to post video and photos from everything I’ve been doing…I gota dig through mad footage and a whole lot of photos as well.

DJ Lobotomy Copter


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