Vision Opens For RhymeSayers: Brother Ali and Fashawn in Montreal, Canada!

17 Apr

Aww Man This April has treated me good so Far…

On the Eve of my birthday me and and some of the No Defeat fam went up to Montreal Canada to Open up for the Rhymesayers Breakin’ Dawn Tour featuring Brother Ali and Fashawn.

It was an honor to grace the stage before these two talented dudes.  I was priveleged enough to rock in front of 350 very receptive, open and enthusiastic audience members.

PEACE to MONTREAL and thanks for a great weekend.

Special thanks to my brother Morgan Steiker whose doin his thing up there organizing some great events.

Montreal is definitely worth the trip.  Special thanks to Brooklyn’s own DJ Nigel Prime who came all the way out there with me to rock and got turned away at the border for questionable reasons.

Dammmmn Sonnnnn.

But yo…BIG SHOUT to DJ Cosmo who fell right in and helped me out when I needed a DJ at the very last minute.  Thanks to everyone who bought the mixtape “Sketches of a Dream” NYC to Montreal featuring some of the best up and coming talent in NYC including myself, Niro, Freed 1, Spanish Jose, Ox Stone, Monyette Clarke, Under the Rasta Influence, AKIR, 9th Prince of the Wu Tang Fam, Dan Charles, Keesha Mishawn, A.B.S. Productions among others…

Hopefully the first of MANY trips out of town.  It was a truly Happy Birthday for me. Thanks to my brothers Jon and Jim who drove up…Peace to Fashawn for showin Love…ONE LOVE my people.  Let’s keep this movin.  NDNS on the rise this year.  2010 belongs to the real.



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